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Sustainable NoVA asked Leslie Hancock, owner of Soul Shine Farms, to talk about some of the best and worst things that have happened to her since she started farming. Here’s what she had to say.

“The best things that have happened to me farming are wrapped together in moments when I get to experience things that nobody else sees…

Things even difficult to describe…

  • like helping my cow birth her calf when she couldn’t have gotten it out alone,
  • or being there to breathe life into one that had a difficult entrance to the world,
  • or bringing a cow back from a devastating injury when everyone else tells you to give up, that you are wasting your time.

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“There are so many wonderful, amazing, mind blowing, indescribable moments…

when you put yourself into a profession that submits you largely to the mercy of nature and forces than you cannot control.

These are what I hold on to when the same turns heartbreaking or tragic, and pushes me to the edge of what I think I can physically or mentally handle despite my greatest, most hard-fought efforts.

“Seeing the cycle of life before your eyes every day through the crisp fall, the harsh painful winters, the sweltering summers, the new spring…

I see it all go by first hand, out in it each and every day – mud wind rain snow – and I feel even the tough weather days are gifts.

I learned early on in farming never to complain about the weather!

“When you are one person, one woman, doing this every day…

each day is a hard fought battle and some days it’s victory and other days you have to put defeat behind you.

But without question each and every day is a learning experience that I never take for granted. So I try not to look at things as “the worst thing that has happened.”

“I build, grow, learn, from the inevitable difficulties & obstacles…

I love that I can teach my son first hand that no matter how hard or overwhelming things seem, or how over-faced or under-matched you feel, if you want something bad enough and are willing to work, bleed, sweat—as hard as your body and mind can possibly handle

…well then, you can accomplish anything.”

Leslie Hancock
Leslie Hancock owns and operates Soul Shine Farms in Greenville, Virginia, where she raises 100% grass-fed beef and ships it to buyers all over Virginia and D.C. and to parts of Maryland, Tennessee, and North Carolina.
Leslie Hancock

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