How To Stop Receiving Junk Catalogs…

Is it even worth getting your mail anymore? Junk catalogs, coupons, flyers, credit card offers… you’re happy just to find a bill in all that mess.

Sure, you can recycle, but wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t get this stuff in the first place?

Not only does junk mail waste your time — the average American spends a whopping eight months of his or her life dealing with unwanted mail — it also wastes a huge amount of natural resources.

Junk mail uses 111 million trees, 2.3 million cars worth of CO2 emissions, and enough water to fill 160,000 olympic sized pools — every year.

Check out these statistics from the Product Stewardship Institute. Then scroll down for a solution…
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Happily, there is a solution to the catalog problem… a website called Catalog Choice. is like a Do Not Call list for catalogs.

I used the original successfully when it started in 2007. But I was disappointed when it was sold to a company called TrustedID in 2012.  After TrustedID bought the service, the website changed and was hard to use. Plus it didn’t seem effective.

But now the non-profit, “The Story Of Stuff” project, has acquired Catalog Choice. And the site works great again.

Yes, it takes some time to opt out one by one. But you get a sense of satisfaction and control.

And you will see a big reduction in the number of catalogs you get in the mail.

So, if you’ve been getting more print catalogs in the mail than you want, and you want an easy way to save some trees, you ought to check them out.



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