Featured Farm: Rainbow Acres Farm, Nokesville

Products: Poultry, Eggs, Pork, & Grass-Finished Beef: Local, Seasonal, Pasture-Raised Protein
Owner/Operators: James & Sally Holdener
Passion: To provide local, seasonal, pasture-raised protein to the northern Virginia community
Contact: Email, Facebook, 571-989-8119


Sally Holdener tells us about the farm that she and husband, James, own and operate in Nokesville, Virginia…

“Rainbow Acres Farm started in Spring 2009 with five chickens, three goats and a cow and calf. We really just wanted to raise our own clean poultry, meat and eggs. That has grown to a family homestead with the goal of providing nutrient dense, clean, pasture-raised poultry, pork, eggs and beef to our local community.”


Healthy, Grass-Finished Beef

“We strive to raise our animals using holistic, high-density grazing, moving the cows and meat poultry daily to fresh grass during the growing season.”

Grass-finished beef at Rainbow Acres Farm, Nokesville, Virginia

Farm-Fresh, Egg Mobile Eggs

“Our laying hens roost at night and lay their eggs in egg mobiles rotated through the pastures regularly and protected from predators with portable electric net fencing and guard geese or our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog, Corona.”


Non-GMO Feed

“Our Pigs and poultry are fed a natural, Non-GMO grain and mineral feed to balance with the plants and insects they forage. We use Hiland Naturals feed, which not only assures no GMO contamination, but also tests their grains for any traces of the top 100 herbicides and pesticides. We feel this is actually better than Organic Certification, and more cost effective.”


Pastured, Natural Forage-Fed Cattle

“Our small cattle herd is completely pasture-and natural-forage-fed. They rotate daily to fresh pasture at least eight months of the year. In the Winter they get quality hay, with supplements of fermented alfalfa (Chaffhaye), dried kelp, Redmond Salt, diatomaceous earth and natural mineral blends offered free choice. They are not fed any grain.”

Grass-fed cows at Rainbow Acres Farm, Nokesville, Virginia

Find Rainbow Acres Farm At These Local Farmer’s Markets…

Haymarket Farmer’s Market
Saturday, 8am – 2pm

Brambleton Farmer’s Market
Sunday, 9am – 1pm

GMO-free eggs from Rainbow Acres Farm in Nokesville, VA

Enjoy Home Delivery or On Farm Pickup

“We deliver for free within 10 miles of the farm (see map below) and can arrange delivery for a small fee outside of that, or orders can be picked up on the farm.”


On Farm Pickup: 10151 Lonesome Rd., Nokesville, Virginia