How To Protect Your Plants From Pests

Deer & Other Mammals: There are so many deer in Northern Virginia that unless you live in a busy part of town, or have big dogs in your yard, you will almost always need to have a fence around your garden. I have a 5-foot fence around my back yard. If deer wanted to jump […]

Preparing Your Soil To Plant

Rocky Soil A lot of soils in our area have 25%, 50% or even more rocks and gravel. This makes it hard to work your soil and it reduces the amount of water and nutrients the soil can hold. You can either remove rocks by hand, which can be a lot of work, or make raised beds […]

Vegetable Gardening In Northern Virginia

Growing your own vegetables is something that many people think about doing but often they don’t know where to start. Or they do start, but quickly become discouraged because their plants die, are eaten by insect pests or deer, or are overtaken by weeds.  The best advice I can give is to start small, be patient, […]