Looking For A Sustainable Green Lifestyle In Northern Virginia?

Daisy the cow at Cibola Buffalo Farm in Culpeper
You’ve come to the right place! At Sustainable NoVA we believe it’s important to eat sustainably-raised, real food — for our personal health and the wellbeing of our environment and future generations.

Our goal is to be of real help to our readers…

✔  by making it easy to find the local food and green resources you’re looking for,
✔  by helping your family enjoy fun, positive experiences growing and buying local food, and
✔  by finding innovative ways to promote green, sustainable local practices online and off.

We connect wannabe vegetable gardeners to local gardening classes, hardworking northern Virginia farmers to delighted customers, and locavores to unique farm-to-table restaurants.

But we’re about more than just finding local food.

If it’s ‘green’, and affects us in northern Virginia, we’ll probably at least touch on the subject.  And we invite you to offer your two cents worth, too.

Locavore & Editor of Sustainable NoVA

My name’s Bonny.  I started this website because my own search for real food and a greener lifestyle took me down a fun, enlightening road of discovery right here where I live.

Our area has lots of local resources for you if you want to buy directly from farmers or grow your own food.  But it’s hard and time-consuming to find them all if you don’t know where to look. My job is to show you where to look.

You can benefit from what I’ve discovered during the hundreds of hours I’ve spent researching and visiting local farms, restaurants, unique stores, and gardening classes. (It was fun!)

This information can put you on the fast track to eating 95% of your food local if that’s what you want to do.  And as you know, eating local food is an important step toward living more sustainably.

Sourcing your food from farms isn’t as convenient as buying from the grocery store, but with a little planning you can get the hang of it.  And it’s worth it!  You get better tasting, more nutritious, more sustainable food, plus the good feeling that comes with supporting your local community.

Here’s how Sustainable NoVA makes it easy to find the local, green information you’re looking for: 

  • Farmers Market DirectoryWe list Northern Virginia farmers markets here by day of the week.  The clickable links will take you right to each market’s website. A check mark signifies ‘Producers Only’ markets, so you are sure that whatever you buy there is grown or made by a local vendor.
  • Still Open: Farmers Markets Open In Winter – In fall and winter we’ll let you know which farmers markets are still open.
  • Featured Farm – Each month we take a look at a local farm, what they have to offer and exactly how you can buy from them.
  • How To Identify Organically Grown Local ProduceIt’s hard to find local food that’s officially certified organic by the USDA. If you’re looking for produce that’s been grown without synthetic chemicals, it’s best to get to know your farmer. We tell you what questions to ask.
  • NoVA Vegetable Gardening – Local experts help your backyard garden grow.
  • Restaurants for LocavoresLooking for area restaurants that offer farm-fresh, local food?  You’ll find them here. Some even have their own gardens!
  • Fun ActivitiesClick this link for our calendar of green festivals, farm tours, local gardening classes, cooking classes, permaculture training, and other fun, local activities.

Lots of people around here are looking for smart, easy ways to green up their food, their homes, their health, and their lives.

They want to get their actions in sync with their beliefs.  These people are our regular visitors.  You might be one of them! So whether you’re a NoVA mom or dad, farmer, student, business owner or homeowner, we’re glad you’re here.

Have something to add? Know of a good resource you’d like to share? Want to suggest a farm or restaurant to feature?  Drop me a line using the email form below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Locavore & Founder of  Sustainable NoVA


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If you’re looking for local food, humanely raised grass-fed beef, pastured poultry and eggs, farmers markets, how to grow your own organic vegetables, farm-to-table restaurants, or green events in Northern Virginia, Sustainable NoVA helps you find it!
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